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I'd have to say one of the most defining moments in my life, as far as life taking unexpected turns goes, would have to be the day I finally opened up my heart to the truth about where my career path was heading. I was struggling along my way to figure out what I was doing with my life, career-wise, as well as what the heck I was doing as a wife and mom. I felt torn and all over the place. I couldn't quite seem to succeed anywhere or find happiness or fulfillment.

After the stress, tears, late night thoughts, and frustrations of failures finally caught up to me one day I realized, I just need to figure it out. What I need is time. What I need is to reevaluate. What I need is to listen to what God has been telling me all along. What I need to do is go where I am happy. I need to be at home. I need to be the caretaker for my family. I need to give them my endless focus and attention.

And that is what I did. I quit my career job and became a full-time mom and wife. Is there more to what happened next? About how I worked through figuring out what that meant, what I should be doing every day, how I can take care of everyone without losing myself? Well, yes, but that story is still being written. I can say though, that this defining moment shifted our lives unlike anything we have ever planned for or experienced before. It gave our family a rebirth, and for that, I am grateful.