It's your senior year!

You’re at the top of your game and you deserve to show off a little. (You know I’m right!) So you decide that I’m your senior photographer. What’s next?

I want your session to be fabulous. Plain and simple. Because we all know, you’re fabulous.

Once you’ve decided to book your session, I’m going to work with you to make sure that you feel like a million bucks. We’ll start off with a pre-consultation at the studio. We’ll have coffee and talk details. Did I mention that I have a lovely little coffee bar in the studio? Because I totally do. Have an awesome idea? Bring it with you! I want your session to be a reflection of YOU, not just a bunch of my ideas. I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire before we meet so that I can learn a little more about you and what you’re all about (and so that I can start brainstorming some ideas of my own!).

So what will we talk about at this “pre-consultation?” Your session of course! I want to get to know you before the day of your session.

I’ll help you go through your favorite outfits to pick out the perfect ones for your session so you look like a million bucks! You can also try on anything that you might want to wear from our studio wardrobe. We’ll talk about the types of locations that you’d like to shoot at and the overall feel you want for your session. Oh, and we’ll talk hair and makeup, too. Because one of my favorite parts of the senior session is that hair and makeup are included. I’ve found an awesome hair/makeup artist who will meet with you at my studio the day of your session and will get you all glammed up so that you feel like a total supermodel.

The Big Day hairWhen your big day arrives, we’ll meet up at the studio to get you camera ready. We’ll load up your wardrobe on the garment rack so that as soon as your hair and makeup are done, you can slip into the dressing room to complete your look. Build a playlist with your favorite tunes to listen to while you get ready-I have an Amazon Echo that you can sync your phone to (or we can just ask Alexa to play something)!

Sit back, sip on your favorite drink, and listen to your favorite music while getting pampered.

Sounds like a good start, right?

Once you’re dressed and ready to go, we’ll get started in the studio or head out to your locations! I usually try to schedule outdoor sessions during Golden Hour. (It’s that really awesome time about an hour and a half before sunset when the light is soft, beautiful, and golden.) I’m up for as many locations and outfits as we can squeeze in before it gets dark! I have plenty of beautiful locations that we can use, but if you have ideas, I’m more than happy to check them out!

After we finish shooting, I’ll head back to the studio to start picking my favorite images from your session. Once I finish editing your session (usually about 2 weeks later), we’ll meet up at the studio for your big Reveal Session.

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