dog portraits


“Every dog must have his day.”

– Jonathan Swift

Our dogs are a huge part of our families.

They make us laugh, keep our feet warm when it’s cold, shower us with sloppy kisses, and provide us with an unparalleled unconditional love.

Dog portraits are one of our very favorite sessions that we offer. We can think of nothing better than spending an afternoon with you and your sweet pup, documenting their personality, shining eyes, and loveable details.

Let me spoil your best friend with a custom photo shoot experience at my studio. We’ll begin with a complimentary consultation to let your dog explore and acclimate to new surroundings and discuss how you want your furry friend to be photographed. Let’s plan the perfect session for your dog, down to the treats and toys.

Make an appointment with your favorite groomer, because on the day of your session, your dog will feel like a model. Armed wit favorite treats and toys, we'll capture those sweet expressions, sassy glances, and adorable quirks. Once they're in front of the camera, I’ll give you all the direction you’ll need for posing, and we’ll get beautiful shots that showcase your favorite pup.

After I’ve edited your images, you’ll come to the studio to see the stunning results and choose which you'd like to display on your walls.

And because we strongly believe that all dogs deserve the most amazing lives possible, a portion of profits from dog portrait sessions will be donated to Hudson's Halfway Home. Hudson's Halfway Home is a local rescue that focuses on providing medical treatment and rehabilitiation for special needs dogs, and then finding the perfect families for them to join.

Your phone is full of photos of your dog; let me take the best photograph you’ve ever had.

It’s time for your dog to exist in beautiful photographs.

Are you ready?

Contact Laura to schedule your complimentary consultation.